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C5, C9, C60

Replacement Parts for Jura Impressa C5, C9, C60.

Thermoblock, Water Tank, O-Rings, PTFE Tubes, Hoses, Brew Group, Invensys Pump, Membrane Regulator, Dispensing Valve, Oval Head Tool to Remove Oval Head Screws and many more. We repair all Jura espresso machines. When replacement parts are no longer available from the manufacturer, we offer upgrade to a better and reliable super automatic coffee maker.

Jura Impressa Parts Diagrams for the following models

C5, C9, C60

Jura Impressa C5, C9, C60 Illustrated DIY Repair Guides and Instructions

Jura Impressa C5, C9, C60 DIY Repair Video Tutorials


The internal components for C5, C9, C60  are identical. The old thermoblock uses PTFE tube connections that causes leakage and shows FILL SYSTEM error. The replacement/upgraded thermoblock is available. It comes with reinforced silicone hose compared to the PTFE tube that tends to leak more often.

Steam Solenoid Valve in Jura C9:

C9 model uses a solenoid valve to control the steam flow. The weak steam output is caused by the leaking steam solenoid valve. The leaking solenoid valve could also cause FILL SYSTEM error in Jura C9.

Frequently Replaced Jura Parts:

Membrane Regulator: Also known as pressure regulator. It controls the flow of water from pump to thermoblock. This part leaks due to calcium build up in the hydraulic system. Calcium build up is caused by lack of descaling. Descaling is the single most important maintenance for all espresso machines. You should descale the machine every 3 or 6 months regularly when prompted. Stop using the expensive and useless Clearyl water filters. Clearyl filter does not remove calcium from water. Using Clearyl filter is like throwing money away down the drain.

Dispensing Valve: Also known as check valve or pressure valve. Located between the thermoblock and the brew group. It ensures the hot water with minimum 9 bar pressure is supplied to the brew group for brewing espresso.

F-Shaped Connector: Connects to the thermoblock outlet. Supplies how water to the brew group for coffee or hot water.

Brew Group Repair Kit: Used for rebuilding the brew group to fix Error 8. 80% of the times, brew group is the cause of malfunction in all Jura espresso machines.

Pump: Invensys CP3A pump is used with a klixon.  The klixon functions as a protection to prevent the pump from over heating when in use for a long time.

Brew Group: The brew group is a commonly replaced item. The error 8 in Jura machines is related to the brew group malfunction. The video to replace the brew group is posted on our YouTube channel.

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